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Exhibitor Profile

The Emirates Millionaire Show is a leading lifestyle show which the top brands of the international luxury goods industry gather to present their most beautiful and most exclusive products and services to selective public. (WHO CAN SERVES MILLIONAIRES!)


  • Super Luxury  Autos
  •     “           “        Yachts
  •     “           “        Air Craft
  •     “           “        Hotel & Resort ( through Travel Agencies )
  •     “           “       Cruise Ships
  •     “           “       Golf equipment and clubs
  •     “           “       Home Decors
  •     “           “       Art & Antiques
  •     “           “       Furniture
  •     “           “       Properties
  •     “           “      Airlines
  •     “           “      Services
  • Elegant Fashion Brands
  • Elegant  Jewelry Brands
  • Elegant Watch Brands
  • Elegant Handicraft
  • Top Cosmetic Brands
  • Top Cigar Brands
  • Top Chocolate Brands
  • Top Lifestyle Accessories Brands
  • Top Banks
  • Top Accessory Brands


Geographical Breakdown of Anticipated Exhibitor Participation

Divine will use a database that includes 3000 of elegant and super luxury brands in international market, to target potential exhibitors.

 Marketing Plan (to encourage exhibitors to participate)

A highly differentiated and precisely targeted marketing communications and PR campaign generates maximum exposure for the show and ensures that you, the exhibitors, reach & meet the right people before, during and after the show.
Divine’ strategic marketing mix will consist of the following elements in comprehensively communicating this unique event to its target market:

  • National, pan-regional and international advertising and editorial support in industry-specific publications, such as Billionaire Plus.
  • Regular Press Coverage in local and International newspapers & magazines
  • Radio promotions
  • Targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Web alliances, online marketing and email promotions
  • Regular, regional press briefings 
  • Powerful PR campaign through Fortune Promo Seven targeting national and regional medias


Online Marketing
Divine is offering one page within its dedicated website (www.divinevent.com) free of charge to all its participating exhibitors. There is an opportunity to develop your website presence by subscribing to our enhanced web package. For an additional fee, you will be able to use our web page as your main website contact where you can upload your latest news and pictures, as well as placing a link to your corporate website.

Visitor Participation

 VIPs, CEOs, Business men and owners of big companies from GCC countries.

Visitors can look forward to spectacular product presentations, international product launches and new designs of the year.
The Emirates Millionaire show is the only event in the Arab Countries that welcomes those who enjoy luxury in an atmosphere of wealth, glitter and glamour.

For a couple of days, every centimeter of the Ballrooms of Emirates Palace is transformed into luxury shopping paradise.
Each visitor, whether they are Billionaires, Millionaires or are just spiritually rich, is welcome here with great enthusiasm and enjoy of shopping and returns home with a feeling of richness. This is the aim of the Emirates Millionaire Show.

The Emirates Millionaire show is unique event where exclusivity, timeless, class, glamour and showbiz, professionalism and pleasant atmosphere are combined into an unequalled experience, and this is just beginning… luxury and wealth are subjective concepts and are therefore open to many interpretations.


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